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This is done by appointment for remote physical locations. Environments that have spiritual activity, or are causing harm to the residents are quite common, and tend to be a frequent personal request. There are special occasions when other spiritual tools are required such as crystals, drumming, and the use of a sacred staff.

Personal limpia’s are done regularly at our farmers markets’ locations and do not require advance appointments (please see our LOCATIONS Page).

During every ceremony, we employ Eagle feathers, which pull out and remove negative energies and sickness, as well as Sage and Cedar, a special combination which serves to remove negative forces and draw in positive energies.

We offer on-site spiritual cleansings and blessings to your home, and entire property, your place of business . . . even upon your person

Spiritual Cleansing/Blessing

(aka Limpia)

Please visit our CONTACT US Page to fill out an Appointment Request Form, or call us directly at 520-406-9062.