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Dream Catchers

According to Native American legends, the night air is filled with both positive and negative dreams. These dreams were thought to be messages from Sacred Spirits. When the Dream Catcher is hung (in a window or door frame – as this is where the energies pass through) the positive dreams find a pathway through the center hole of the web, while continuing to glide gracefully down to the soft velvety feathers (which represent the Angels). The Sacred Spirits leave behind, for the sleeper, pleasant dreams, good luck, peace and harmony. As for the negative dreams, they are misguided by the Sacred Spirits to become lost and entangled in the web, unable to flee, where they will remain entrapped until they perish in the dawn of a new day.

Traditional Dream Catchers are made with willow bark (not a metal hoop wrapped with leather) known as a healing and sacred wood. If beaded, the numbers are significant: three is for Father, Son and Holy Spirit; four represents the four directions; and seven represents the number of God’s completion.

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Spiritual Items

Ojo Venado (aka Deer Eyes)

Traditionally made from a seed and tasseled red fringe, the base represents the flower world, which moreover represents Heaven or the Spirit World. The Ojo Venado is considered very sacred, and thus highly regarded by the Yaqui people. The wearer must not allow it be touched by others as it is highly personal to the wearer. Therefore it must be guarded, since its medicine is very individualistic. The wearer must honor it as well as the medicinal influence it provides.

Ojo’s are to be worn daily as protection against black magic, spells or negative intentions placed by someone. All of our Ojo’s have the colors of the medicine wheel as well as the specific numbers that are representative of God: 3, 4, 7 and combinations thereof. If the spell or energies are unusually and particularly strong, the Deer Eye can fracture due to the over-absorption of those elements over a period of time.

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Spirit Bears

These unique bears are specifically created to help with physical or emotional struggles.

Unlike Kachina dolls, which may be difficult to comprehend and even quite scary, these little snuggly guys are filled with prayers, which are beneficial in bringing comfort and healing.

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House Blessing Mixture

Our unique and special House Blessing Herb mixture shields and protects your space from evil spirits and negative energies, whether it be your residence or workplace. Please follow these directions completely to enable their full effect. If using this blend within your home or workplace, please be certain to open a door or window in each room so that the smoke is able to let the negative energy escape. Light the medicine, then fan it by using a feather, as feathers represent the winged ones or the angels. Always start by facing East, and turning in a clockwise direction to purify the space ̶ moving from room-to-room asking that anything unwanted or undesirable be eliminated. Move counter-clockwise to UNDO negative energy (like bickering, energy from an annoying house guest, etc.)

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Medicine Bags

These are made by hand as there is no ‘prayer component’ when mass produced by machinery. These special protection items are filled with Sage and Cedar, and are meant to be worn when into the outside world. A Medicine Bag not only offers protection against evil spirits that inflict pain, suffering and misfortune, but they will also bring good luck and good fortune. The sacred herbs of Mother Earth that comprise a Medicine Bag make it powerful, as The Creator places his Love and Power into such herbs.

SAGE: Pushes Evil Spirits away

COPAL: Feeds the spirits in the medicine

CEDAR: Brings Good Spirits to a person

HUMBLE STONE: Is placed in the Bag as a Spirit Helper (a friend)

Holding a Medicine Bag with the right hand, one is able to talk to the Creator in their own way (such as prayer), and ask for his help. DO NOT wish any harm on any of your worldly brothers or sisters! The evil and pain you cause unto others will multiply upon it’s return to you.

Once the embers have burned out, you can create a protective perimeter around your home or entire property by digging a tiny hole, mixing a small amount of water with some of the ashes, and then covering it. Again start in the East, and move in a clockwise direction. (*Kit includes shell, tripod, feather and mix)



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$20 each or two for $35