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About Me

Spirituality is my strength in each day of my life. I start my day with prayers to my Creator, to bless me and help me to help others with their problems and struggles in their lives. I am devoted to what I believe and practice my traditional beliefs in very thing I do, day by day. I am respectful of my ancestors and honor them by following what the elders have taught me. In doing so, I am able to help other people, all people, whatever they believe, no matter what religion. Attending sweat lodges allows me to pray for others and reconnect regularly with the Creator and Mother Earth.

I have peace and my spirit is calm so I have total tranquility in myself. My devotion to prayers is guidance for my life and helps me to be very strong in whatever problems I need to face and deal with and to resolve them. My spiritual beliefs are very old and in practice and by doing so I am honoring my nation the Yoeme tribe (Pascua Yaqui.) I am not alone; I have moral support of other leaders and meet with them to listen to their wisdom about the direction of my life which is helpful to me.

I had a head injury in 2004, at which time while I was in a coma, I had a vision of heaven, and was told to "go back and change my ways." Shortly thereafter I learned I came back with gifts of seeing peoples' struggles and pain. After which I became a bible scholar. Later I was guided to pick up both the "white man ways" and combine them with the traditional Indian ways. On the third day of a Vision quest (four days with no food or water on a mountain) a ghost bear came to me, blinked three times and walked into my body. I am also a Sundancer, suffering for the prayers of the people. In 2017 I will complete my four year commitment to this tradition. Also in 2017 I successfully graduated college with a Liberal Arts degree.

My spirituality is put into practice every day of my life. It will always be who I am and provide a direct spiritual connection to the Creator, the Great Spirit. This is who I am and who I will always be. I am Windraven, a Native American healer (also known as a Shaman, or Curando) of the Yaqui nation, and, am honored to be such. I welcome anyone who needs healing or a blessing to seek me out and I will guide you on this path.

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